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Emcopy Download

Emcopy Download

Emcopy is a command-line Windows tool that was developed by Dell Technologies to aid the migration of data between file systems. It can be used to migrate data to PowerStore from any supported Dell storage system or third-party storage system. Emcopy is available as a free download from Dell Support.

What is Emcopy?

Emcopy is a tool that copies files and directories from one location to another, preserving the source attributes, permissions, and timestamps. It supports various protocols, such as SMB, NFS, FTP, and HTTP. It also supports various features, such as multithreading, resume, filtering, logging, and verification.

Download File:

Why use Emcopy?

Emcopy is useful for migrating data from one file system to another, especially when the source and destination are different types of storage systems. For example, Emcopy can be used to migrate data from a VNXe or Unity system to a PowerStore system. Emcopy can also be used to migrate data from a third-party storage system to a PowerStore system, as long as the source and destination are accessible via SMB or NFS.

How to use Emcopy?

To use Emcopy, you need to download the tool from Dell Support and install it on a Windows machine that has access to both the source and destination file systems. You also need to have the appropriate credentials and permissions to access the source and destination file systems. Then, you can run Emcopy from the command prompt with the following syntax:

emcopy.exe [source] [destination] [options]

The [source] and [destination] parameters specify the paths of the source and destination file systems. The [options] parameter specifies various options that control the behavior of Emcopy. For example, you can use the /s option to copy subdirectories, the /purge option to delete files in the destination that do not exist in the source, or the /verify option to compare the source and destination files after copying. For a full list of options, you can run Emcopy with the /? option.

Example of using Emcopy

Suppose you want to migrate data from a VNXe system with IP address to a PowerStore system with IP address You have installed Emcopy on a Windows machine with IP address You have created a share named Data on the VNXe system and a NAS server named NAS01 on the PowerStore system. You have also created a share named Data on the NAS server. You have mapped the VNXe share as drive Z: and the PowerStore share as drive Y: on the Windows machine. You have administrator credentials for both the VNXe and PowerStore systems.

To migrate data from the VNXe share to the PowerStore share using Emcopy, you can run the following command on the Windows machine:

emcopy.exe Z:\ Y:\ /s /purge /verify /o /r:5 /w:5 /log:emcopy.log

This command will copy all files and subdirectories from Z:\ (the VNXe share) to Y:\ (the PowerStore share), deleting any files in Y:\ that do not exist in Z:\, verifying the copied files, overwriting any existing files in Y:\, retrying 5 times in case of errors, waiting 5 seconds between retries, and logging the results to emcopy.log.


Emcopy is a powerful tool that can help you migrate data between file systems with ease and efficiency. It supports various protocols and features that make it suitable for different scenarios and requirements. You can download Emcopy for free from Dell Support and use it to migrate data to PowerStore or other Dell storage systems.

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