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Launchbox License Xml Download WORK

I am a LaunchBox premium user, I cannot get an email from the website with download links, nor can I find my license xml file. I have been trying for over 24 hours to get the link sent, and it is NOT getting caught up in my SPAM filter. I think the websites outbound mail server is messed up...

Launchbox License Xml Download

Download File:

There is no complicated installation process required to upgrade to LaunchBox Premium for Windows. Simply copy the license file you receive into your LaunchBox folder, and your instance of LaunchBox will take care of the rest the next time it starts. There is no data loss, no library corruption, no errors or bug reports, and no headaches.

Give the gift of LaunchBox Premium and make someone in your life a happy gamer! Whether it be a friend, family member, or anyone of your choosing, click the link below and give the gift that keeps on giving. The license will be sent off immediately for them to enjoy.

Have a regular license to upgrade or renew? Click here for the upgrade/renewal wizard. You'll need your current license file and $15 to renew or $45 to upgrade (or discounted with a grandfathered license).

Renew your LaunchBox Premium license in order to receive another year of updates for $15. Or, you may choose to upgrade your license to a never-expiring forever-updates license for $45. Discounts are also available for grandfathered licenses.

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