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Alaska Airlines Buy Miles Promotion

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is one of my favourite mileage programmes for many reasons, but one of them is their frequent sales which provide umpteen opportunities to buy miles. There is also great value in their redemptions.Alaska Airlines currently has an ongoing flash sale for miles, which is on offer through March 15, 2023, 11:59 PM PT. Alaska Airlines, this time around, is offering tiered bonuses to every account. You can receive up to a 50% Bonus when you buy miles with this promotion.

alaska airlines buy miles promotion


Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan has one week to go for their latest promotion on the purchase of miles. There are many great uses of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. Ultimately crunch the numbers before making a purchase. You can use them on oneworld member airlines, as well as other carriers such as LATAM, Singapore Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui and others.

Alaska Airlines miles are helpful for partner awards on premium cabins on airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and JAL. We eagerly await the comprehensive award chart that allows mixing and matching different Oneworld airlines that should come out soon.

The Mileage Plan Shopping portal often offers bonus points for reaching spending thresholds. For example, a recent promotion offered 1,500 bonus Alaska miles for spending at least $550 through the Mileage Plan Shopping portal.

The only downsides to the program are the lack of bank point transfer partners, the inability to combine awards operated by multiple partner airlines and some shockingly expensive awards on both Alaska and partner airlines. But, for travelers who know how to earn and burn them, Alaska Mileage Plan miles can be incredibly valuable.

Alaska Airlines and its regional partners serve more than 115 destinations across the United States and North America, providing essential air service for our guests along with moving crucial cargo shipments, such as food, medicine, mail and e-commerce deliveries. With hubs in Seattle; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; and Anchorage, Alaska, the airline is known for low fares, award-winning customer service and sustainability efforts. With Alaska and its Global Partners, guests can earn and redeem miles on flights to more than 800 destinations worldwide. Learn about Alaska's award-winning service at and Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK).

While this is a relatively simple airline credit card, the beauty of the miles you earn lies in being able to book flights with Alaska's many Oneworld and non-alliance partner airlines which include: American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Fiji Airways and more. And while the airline is largely centered around airports on the West Coast, this card has more potential than meets the eye.

Lastly, if you have plans to travel internationally, Alaska Airlines has a great award chart for international travel (especially in premium cabins). So if you want the flexibility of earning miles that can be redeemed on other airlines (including American), this card could be a good fit.

The American Airlines miles sales are processed by American Airlines itself, so you can get category bonuses on cards that bonus airline or travel purchases like the American Express Platinum which offers 5x on purchases from airlines, get travel statement credits if you charge the miles to a premium card like the Sapphire Reserve or Citi Prestige, or you can use your Arrival Plus to get American Airlines miles for zero cash.

Mileage Plan miles earned by using the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card can be redeemed for free flights on Alaska and more than 20 of our fellow oneworld member airlines and additional global partners to more than 900 destinations around the world. Our guests can also use their miles to book hotel stays and upgrades on their flights.

Alaska Airlines and our regional partners serve more than 120 destinations across the United States, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico. We emphasize low fares and award-winning customer service. Alaska is a member of the oneworld global alliance. With the alliance and our additional airline partners, our guests can travel to more than 900 destinations on more than 20 airlines while earning and redeeming miles on flights to locations around the world. Learn more about Alaska at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group.

There are quite a few promos out right now for buying miles! It seems as if all the airlines want to compete for your money, if you are in the market for buying miles. Before you decide whether you are going to buy miles, I suggest you read this earlier post about buying miles to find out if it is the best deal for you and your situation.Buy Miles Promo RoundupDisclaimer: I do receive a commission if you purchase Alaska miles or US Airway miles using the links below.

It costs 30,000 Alaska miles for a one-way coach ticket to Singapore. Or you can use 70,000 Alaska Airlines miles and fly First Class on Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific is one of my favorite airlines to fly First Class flights. ?

We think the Alaska Fly & Buy Miles program is pretty nifty. While most other airlines charge over three cents for each mile you purchase, with Fly & Buy you can purchase up to 10,000 additional Mileage Plan miles for 2.15 cents per mile (2 cents per mile plus a 7.5% excise tax). This feature is only offered during the initial purchase of a paid ticket at

Alaska also allows the option to Buy and Share Miles anytime. And bonus and discount promotions, when offered, are typically based on tiered purchase levels. Therefore, the more you buy, the larger the bonus. Miles are often available in increments of 1,000 up to 40,000 miles. The cost of each mile for this option without a bonus or discount is 2.75 cents plus a 7.5% excise tax, which is very expensive. That means you pay 2.96 cents for each mile you buy.

You can buy miles directly from the airline companies. They have different types of programs like fixed-value purchase, full price, add-ons, etc. Sometimes they run promotional offers for purchasing miles which enables you to buy miles at a discount. You can also opt for buying airline miles from trusted brokers like MilesBuyer to avail of low rates.

All airlines have set a minimum number of miles that you need to purchase. While buying from brokers, this number can vary from one platform to another. However, when you buy airline miles from MilesBuyer, it is always advisable to buy in bulk since this opens up room for discounts on top of low rates. 041b061a72

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