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[S1E13] Fences

Claire confronts Gillian at the latter's home. Claire tries to mend fences but Gillian refuses. She reveals that the real reason she is making a lawsuit is to be heard, to broadcast that organizations like Clare's work with big business corporations who represent everything they are against, and that she has secured the alliance of several of Claire's former employees whom she had fired.

[S1E13] Fences


In some forest on the planet, next to a stream, Caine appears to be meditating. From the other side of the bank, Scott appears to refill his canteen, and is startled to see him. After apologizing for the interruption, Caine thanks Scott for being one of the few soldiers who are genuinely trying to mend fences between the civilians and the military personnel; they have the planet to help. When Scott notes they are lucky finding it, Caine remembers that his mother once told him that there is no such thing as luck, "only the hand of God giving you a little help when you need it most." He admits that until now, he did not believe in religion, but since coming onto the planet, he believes that this must be a miracle of some kind. He later relays his belief to other people. Morrison quickly points out that he is not a believer; "You miss your flight and the plane crashes, you weren't spared for a reason. God doesn't have a master plan for you. Things just happen," he says. 041b061a72

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