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The Badsha Dual Audio Hindi

The Badsha Dual Audio Hindi

The Badsha Dual Audio Hindi is a popular movie that features the superstar Rajinikanth in a dual role. The movie is a remake of the Telugu film Pedarayudu, which was also remade in Hindi as Betaaz Badshah. The movie is a family drama with action and comedy elements. The movie was released in 1995 and was a huge hit at the box office.


The movie revolves around three brothers who are inseparable and always thrive for the well being of the people in their village. Raja (Rajinikanth), the eldest, sits on the ancestral throne to deliver justice in the village. His younger brother Ravi (Rajinikanth) is a lawyer who fights for the rights of the poor and oppressed. Their youngest brother Mohan (Mohan Babu) is a happy-go-lucky guy who falls in love with his teacher Lakshmi (Soundarya).


Their lives take a turn when Mohan is accused of killing Lakshmi's father, who was a corrupt politician. Raja, who believes in the law of the land, sentences Mohan to death. Ravi, who believes in his brother's innocence, decides to defend him in court. The brothers are torn apart by their conflicting ideologies and loyalty. How Mohan proves his innocence and how the brothers reunite forms the rest of the story.





Raja / Ravi

Mohan Babu





Raja's wife




The movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie was praised for its engaging story, powerful performances, and entertaining dialogues. Rajinikanth's dual role was appreciated by his fans and critics. The movie was also noted for its social message and family values. The movie was a blockbuster and ran for more than 100 days in many theatres.


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