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Satellite Director Apk Mod No Ads

Antenna Map Satellite director Mod Apk Premium: A satellite finder and dish-pointer are the best platforms for setting up all your satellite directors. This satellite pointer can be used for all channels.

Satellite Director Apk Mod No Ads

The dish alignment Aids in the alignment of satellite dish antennas via augmented reality. The ap directory is very simple to use. GPS sat locater is designed to track all satellites and set up the dish with a satellite director. Satellite Finder Premium (Sat finder), the app is the premium version of the Satellite Finder PRO(Dish Pointer), app. It includes these extrasThis guide will help you set up a dish wherever you are.Assists with the alignment of satellite dish antennas using Augmented Reality.Advertisements are not disturbedSatellite Finder Premium also includesThe built-in compass will assist you in finding the correct satellite positionAugmented reality allows you to see satellite positions on your camera view.Use GPS automatically to determine your local location.Calculates all necessary values to align the dish antenna.The Azimuth setter makes it easy to point your dish.This Sat finder app allows you to align satellite dishes based on your current location and the selected satellite. It is the most advanced version of satellite finder apps that can show you the direction in which your satellite dish will be aligned horizontally or vertically.

These are just three of the amazing and useful features.Live Earth Map: The Live Earth Map shows the four views of the earth, including the Normal view, Hybrid, Satellite view, Terrain view, and Satellite view. This will give you a better idea of the locations. It also showed the traffic flow.AR-Display is the most advanced augmented reality technology available. To view all satellites available for your location, point your phones camera. Simply tap the (AR Display), button at the top of your home window.

This feature allows you to quickly search for Biss keys for encrypted satellite channels. These keys are automatically updated.This is how to use the app: You only need to ensure that your phone has both an internet connection and a GPS. To get the best location accuracy, you need to be outdoors or near a window. Click on Satellite Finder Button to select the satellite you want. Next, click on Satellite Name. Finally, click on the Search bar. You will see a list of satellites to choose from. The azimuth for the selected Satellite will be displayed along with its latitude and longitude. 3. A compass showing the azimuth angle graphically is available under calculated values. The magnetic inclination is used to calculate the azimuth angle. Keep in mind that every time you use your compass, you must calibrate it.Satellite Finder Premium (SatFinder) app uses your smartphone sensor to calculate your azimuth. Satellite position calculation is dependent on the accuracy of your mobile devices.

Para descargar dishpointer satellite locator mod de Debe habilitar la opción "Fuentes desconocidas". 1. Haga clic en el enlace de arriba para descargar dishpointer satellite locator mod APK. 2. Guarde el archivo en la carpeta Descargas de su dispositivo. 3. Ahora toque Instalar y espere a que finalice la instalación. 4. Una vez que haya terminado, abra el juego y comience a jugarlo de inmediato.

Para descargar dishpointer satellite locator de la aplicación HappyMod, puedes seguir esto: 1. Abra su navegador y descargue el archivo APK de HappyMod de, el único sitio web oficial de HappyMod. 2. Abra Configuración de Android y vaya a Privacidad o Seguridad. 3. Toque la opción Permitir fuentes desconocidas y actívela. 4. Vaya a sus descargas de Android y toque el archivo APK. 5. Siga las instrucciones en pantalla para instalarlo. 6. Busque dishpointer satellite locator en la aplicación HappyMod.

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