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Jul 31, 2022
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Overdue refers to the failure of the customer to fulfill the repayment agreement within the time agreed with the financial institution, which is one of the important sources of losses for the lending institution. There are many reasons for overdue, mainly in two aspects: poor repayment willingness and insufficient repayment ability . Poor repayment willingness refers fax number database to customers with poor credit awareness, taking chances, deliberately defaulting on loans to financial institutions, and the industry has become "old lame" to such customers. In addition, due to legal disputes and other circumstances, customers may also have poor repayment willingness, such as disputed transactions, fraudulent transactions, etc. Insufficient repayment ability means that the customer does not have enough ability b2b data to pay the loan, which is the main reason for the customer to be overdue. It can be divided into three situations: First , temporary capital turnover difficulties , such as the monthly salary has not been received. Second, the economic deterioration leads to insufficient repayment ability , such as poor fax number database business operations, unemployment, accidental injury, etc., which cause the customer's income to decline and do not have the ability to repay. The third is that the loan amount exceeds one's own financial capacity , such as malicious overdraft by customers, overestimation of their fax number database own repayment ability, etc. In addition, even if the repayment willingness is good and the repayment ability is sufficient, the loan may be overdue due to other external objective factors, such as the customer repaying the wrong bank account, the customer cannot repay in time on business trip or vacation, the customer forgets to repay, the customer does not Realize that you owe money, etc.
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Village live Fun & entertainment

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